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PLEASE NOTE: Wineries can change their hours without notice or may be closed for Special Events. Use the Website link for each winery for a quick check before you begin your trip

My Tasting Tour will help you plan your next wine tasting adventure.
It can help in four different ways.

  • Locate the Closest Winery to your current location that will be open for tasting by the time you arrive, utilizing Google Map ® Driving Distance and Duration. If you are moving, the search for the closest winery will only be in the direction you are traveling
  • Create a day-trip Wine Tasting Tour with up to 8 wineries
  • List All Wineries in a particular area
  • List all Information For A Single Winery in the database

  • Since My Tasting Tour is design for wine tasting and not wine sales, the default settings will exclude wineries that do not provide tastings and just sell wine directly or through local merchants. For the Closest Winery, it will also exclude wineries requiring a reservation, since most of those require at least 24-hours notice.

    Wineries are available for every state, except California, which will be added soon.
    Latest News

    Wineries for Oregon are now available.
    Last Update 9/20/17

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