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There are five modes for Winery selection: Closest Winery, which finds the closest winery that will be open for businessby the time you arrive; Road trip, Like Closest Winery except it only searches in the direction of travel; Route, which creates a list of up to 8 wineries that can be visited in a single day; All Wineries, which provides a list of all Wineries within the selected distance; and Display Data for a single winery. The first four will only display wineries open for business on the day and month selected.


The state dropdown box will contain a list of the states that are currently available.

Select a state and click SELECT.

A Blank GoogleMap should appear.


Select the town where you wish to start the tour, the maximum distance you want to travel, the month and day of the week of your trip and the maximum tasting fee. You can also select to exclude wineries that require appointments or that are not open to the public.

When you begin, you may want to include both By Appointment Only and Not Open to the Public. The Not Open to the Public sites will list comments about where their wines can be purchase and you might consider calling ahead to make appointment at some of the wineries.

You should also begin by using a large distance. In many areas of the state this will produce a relatively straight line wondering through the country-side. Then by shortening the distance you may begin to get a more clustered route.
In areas with a high density of wineries, the distance may have no impact on the wineries selection.

Be sure to select the correct month and day of the week. Every winery has different business hours based on the day of the week and month of the year. Almost all are open on weekends throughout most of the year, but weekdays vary greatly. Selecting a Tuesday in February will result in a lot of travel for very few wineries. By varying the day of the week you may create very different tours to choose from.

When you click on the Create Tour Button, the map will display the wineries selected and the text box will contains the details for each winery..


Information entered will be retained until your browser is closed. Closing the Tab will not remove the information.


After your tour, return to My Tasting Tour and use the Survey link at the top of the page to rate the wineries and the Tasting Tour WEB site. You must wait 24 hours before taking the survey.


The Email Yourself the Tour link will produce an email that contains the information listed in the scroll box and a second route based on the Operating Hours of the wineries.

The initial route is based on distance only, which could create some wasted time if wineries open at significantly different times. The second list will avoid waiting for wineries to open, but may create a route that bounces around the original route. With both lists in hand you should be able to minimize your travel and maximize your wine tasting experience.


If you can't remember the city where a favorite winery is located, select the Single Winery display opton. Begin by selecting a state, then select your favorite winery. Check which days of the week it is open. Return to the Route Display and the State & City should be displayed.
Click on State, select the appropriate Day of the Week and Click Create Route and you will have a tour starting at your favorite winery.

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